odd dog coffee

neighbors serving neighbors great coffee

Founded in 2015, Odd Dog Coffee has grown leaps and bounds, from a modest online store to the fully operational coffee bus it is today. We've loved getting to know our neighbors at our favorite park in University Heights, watching your kids grow up and your dogs play.

Odd Dog Coffee is a specialty roaster from Cleveland, Ohio, offering a reimagination of ‘flavored’ coffee. At the core of our coffee program is a high-quality roast, profiled to create a solid bean upon which to innovate. You won’t see us spraying our beans with cheap, stale chemicals — rather, we use true and honest (if a bit unexpected) ingredients like cacao nibs, cayenne pepper, and chunks of cinnamon sticks. What you experience is a balanced bean and a little spice combined into a uniquely delicious cup of coffee you can drink every day. We are a coffee company that’s at home in its oddness, comfortable in its uniqueness, cozily familiar, yet distinctly odd.